Queenstown: The Resort Town of South Island

Queenstown is the most picturesque city in Otago, New Zealand. Popular for its mountain ranges, stunning views, and Lake Wakatipu, the city has become a celebrated resort town of South Island. With the extent of scenic beauty surrounding the whole place, hiking and trekking have become the major tourist activities. The place is also perfect for kayaking, boating, skiing, and white-water rafting. Noted below are the highlights of our Queenstown holiday.

Lake Wakatipu

To capture the essence of this beautiful city one must visit Lake Wakatipu. Flanked by large sunlit mountains covered in fog, the river, and its banks cast a magical spell that cannot be escaped easily. The lake looks quite serene and picturesque with pine trees surrounding the area. Boating and fishing are some of the main tourist activities. The natural trails in this region are popularly used for hikers and bikers.

Queenstown Gardens

Another major attraction of the city is the Queenstown Gardens that houses a wide range of native trees and exotic plants. The place has many recreational facilities for visitors such as ice skating ground, tennis court, a children’s playground, and disc golf course. There are many heritage trees in this precinct such as Black oak, red oak, and Algerian Fir. Also, the major attraction of the place is a rose garden that breeds thousands of hybrid rose plants from around the world. The place provides free entry but the sports clubs charge a certain amount of fee for letting the visitors use the facilities.

Kiwi Birdlife Park

Located on Brecon Street is the famous Kiwi Birdlife Park. The wildlife sanctuary is a conservatory that rescues native birds and reptiles. Spread over a land area of 5 acres the park conducts a special conservation show where they let the visitors see and interact with birds. During the show, the visitors are informed about the life and rescue of these birds. Feeding kiwis is a major activity in this park. The entrance fee was $60 per adult but you can enjoy a concession if you make bookings online.

Williams- A Land of Exotic Attraction

Williams is a historic city in the US state of Arizona that lies close to the Grand Canyon Village. Primarily a tourist city, the place has numerous attractions that can keep any visitor engaged for weeks. Apart from the Grand Canyon Railway, the place is known for its Wild West Junction that preserves the ‘Old West’ culture with its Western-themed hotels and bars. The city has something for everyone and is definitely a great place to explore. Noted below are a few places we have been to during our stay in the city.

  • Sycamore Canyon

One of the highlights of our Williams holiday was a trip to the legendary Sycamore Canyon. The picturesque canyon is around 34 km long and lies bordering the Mogollon Rim. Through the canyon flows the Sycamore Creek that adds to the scenic value of the location. The natural trails through the pine tree forest around the canyon serve as a great hiking path. We also came across many birds and a few reptiles on our way.

  • White Horse Lake Campground

For tourists who enjoy camping, the place is a real paradise.  It has many campsites with facilities like fire pits and picnic tables. The White Horse Lake is extremely beautiful and the water is clean. Even though swimming is prohibited tourists can engage in activities like fishing and kayaking. The place has several native trees and plants. 

  • Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Visiting the deer farm was a unique experience as the place is quite different from the usual zoos and sanctuaries you would find in other parts of Arizona. The price of a ticket for adults was $14.00. The 10 acres of farmland is a well-kept habitat for several native animals like deer, wallabies, camels, bison, mini cattle, peacocks, and Llamas. Feeding the deer is a common activity at this place but one has to be careful when kids are around. The wild animals are kept in safe enclosures and tourists are allowed to touch and feed them.

Guilin – A Must Visit City for All Western Tourists

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One of the most picturesque towns in heartland China is Guilin. It offers the best sightseeing places all-round the year. You get to enjoy great fragrances of the flowers and greenery all around.

Some of the attractions that you get to enjoy in Guilin are:

  1. Reed Flute Cave

Lights used in the cave make it a visual splendor that makes your eyes droll. I loved seeing the spikes and columns depicting various shapes like forests, waterfalls, lions, etc. This is the most beautiful cave in the northwest region. I loved walking through the stalactites.

  1. Elephant Trunk Peak

Hill is an iconic figure of Guilin. It is seen at the junction of Peach Blossom and Li rivers. The hill has got its name as it looks like a huge elephant dipping its big trunk in the river that is flowing below. It is over 55 meters tall, 100 meters wide and 108 meters long.

  1. Yangshuo Yulong River

Love adventure and fun rides and hence I decided to visit the Yulong River on a bicycle. You can also take the big raft ride along with the villagers to get a tour of Yangshuo. Some of the activities that can be done here are rafting, bike rides, and swimming.

  1. Seven Star Park

Are seven peaks in this park and they are seen in the shape of Big Dipper. This is why the park is named as the Seven Star Park. I spent a lot of time in this park as it had these oddly shaped peaks, crystal clear water, eye-catching natural landscapes, and mesmerizing caves.

  1. Daxu town

It is an ancient town that was formed during the reign of the Song dynasty. There is a 2.3 kilometers long and 2-meter wide local street that house ancient buildings on its sides. Apart from the well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty homes and architecture, the street has stalls and shops where you get great snacks.

Fascinating Places to Visit in Rio De Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant city with urban and natural attractions. The famous beaches, the mountains, monuments, and picturesque harbor make this a marvelous city to visit.  The best time to visit this place is during the carnival season as you can enjoy the dance and music performed by artists from different parts of the world.

Things to See

  1. Ipanema Beach

This is one of my most favorite spot in Rio de Janeiro with long seashore and sparkling waters.  There are areas dedicated to families, sunbathers, and free-wheeling artists. The cafes, restaurants, shops, art galleries and clubs are located near the beach which makes it an ideal spot to hang out.  

  1. The Statue of “Cristo Redentor”

Statue of “Cristo Redentor” is located on Corcovado Peak. The Christ statue constructed in 1922 has its arms stretched out and is gazing serenely at the Rio de Janeiro city. The vertical cog train will carry the travelers to the base of the statue and from there you can climb the stairs or can opt for elevators to reach the top of the statue.  

  1. Jardim Botanico 

The botanical garden of Rio de Janeiro or Jardim Botanico is home to many species of rare plants. One of the major attractions of this garden is the wide collection of orchids. The fountains, monuments and other special features add to the value of this attraction. 

  1. Theatro Municipal 

The main opera house of Rio has inspired me with its brilliant staircases of onyx green, marble columns, and gilded mirrors.  The guided tour of this theater is worth the visit and watching any show at this theater will be a bonanza for art lovers. 

  1. The Museum Of Tomorrow   

The newest museum in Rio was opened in 2015 and this museum gives an insight about the impact of human activities on the environment and provides the choices for making the environment safer and cleaner for future generations.

Sintra – The Enchanted City

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Sintra is a very beautiful and magical city. It is surrounded by the hills of Serra de Sintra, basically is shadowed by these pine-covered hills, giving you an extravagant feel about its beautiful palaces and mansions and the ruins of incredible ancient castles. I loved this fantastic tourist attraction for its fascinating historical buildings and enthralling architectures. Some of my experiences are listed.

The Palàcio Nacional De Sintra

This is one of Sintra’s oldest and gothic palaces I have ever been to. This palace boasts an extensive history and vividly painted exterior ceilings that were restored to how it used to look in the 1900s. I experienced very fascinating gardens and also the hidden tunnels that this palace holds. You might get to hear some very interesting stories about it; I’ve heard three different ones and all of them were really fascinating.

Nau Palatina

Apart from the feeling that you just entered a fairy tale of your dreams, the most welcoming and friendliest restaurant was my travel highlight, which was Nau Palatina. It offers a rich variety of Portuguese food cuisines famous around Europe. The owner’s creative tapas are the famous specialty here. You can find a small but tasty menu of tidbits, from cultural and local ingredients. The meals can come out to be a bit expensive, but it’s worth the price of it.

Pena Park

Pena Park is one of the most naturally maintained and popular park in the way between Lisbon and Sintra. I loved those natural trails and the secret caves there are. You can spot various huge trees and other plants. The park is surrounded by rippling mountains, thick dewy forests, and ferns. It is covered with exotic gardens and glittery palaces. It is one of the listed parks in UNESCO world heritage. The views of the blue Atlantic from the hills are splendid.

Langley: What To Do And Where To Go?

Langley is mostly neglected as a farm country. However, it has a lot to offer than meet the eye. As a matter of fact, when I visited, it was hard to look back as soon as I dipped my feet in. There are several things that you can do. Take a quick look at the few things you to do when you are in Langley.

  • Drama

Looking for some theatrical excellence? There are many drama clubs such as the Bard in the Valley and Langley Players Drama Club. The latter one has been around since 1969. It is an absolute must for the people who love theatres.

  • Greater Vancouver Zoo

If you are visiting with family, you should surely visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It was astounded by the sheer variety of animals housed by the zoo. These are from all across the world and include hippos, lions, and also tigers.

  • Eagle Acres

Want pick fresh pumpkins? Yes, you heart it right. At Aldor Acres, you can go pumpkin picking. This is a farm that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you do not wish you pick fresh produce, take a stroll around the farm. There is also a petting zoo. The warm spirit left me yearning for more.

  • Adrenaline Rushing Fun

In case you are up for some adrenaline rush, go for go-karting or even jump on a trampoline at Extreme Air Park. These are great places to have some fun. I surely have an incredible time here.

  • Museums

Being a history enthusiast, I went on a tour to check out the museums and I have to say that there are quite a few of them. Fort Langley National Historic Site and Canadian Museum of Flight are great options for paying a visit.

This Costa Rican City Is A Wonder

The Cartago city is in Costa Rica which is near the Capital city, San Jose. I went to enjoy my vacation in Cartago city. I visited famous tourist places. The places include- The Costa Rica Technological Institute, City Museum, market central and Maria Auxilia Dora Church. I also visited the buildings namely San Luis Gonzaga High School which is the place where the first Supreme Court of Central America was formed. There are some places which conduct Cultural activities and the places were ‘Casa de la Cultural’, the ‘Casa de la Cultural’ and the building of the Costa Rica technological Institute.

If you are planning to visit the place, you must visit the tropical rainforests and mountain ranges which are near the Irazu and Turrialba Volcanoes.

The city is situated in such a location that there is almost constant temperature throughout the year, so, you can visit this place at any time of the year and expect the moderate temperature, and it fluctuates between 24-degrees to 27-degree C. The institute of technology Costa Rica is one of the reputable higher education institutions and an important engineering school of Central America.

The day you go to the Irazu Volcano, make sure you wear comfortable footwear. If you are nature lover then you would visit Volcano as there is really rich flora. At Pacuare river, you can enjoy white water rafting full day. You can spot different wildlife like birds, coatis, sloths, and frogs. At this place also, you can enjoy nature at its best, you can feel the isolation from your busy urban life and take in the fresh air and take in the feel of nature with a peaceful feeling, you will bring the relaxed, calm and peaceful you to the busy life. Plan a vacation for at least a week.

Derby: This Royal Town Call This Summer Vacation

We started with a pre-booked tour of the Royal Crown Derby visitor center, a company which dates back to the 18th century. A guide was provided to us. Lunch served in the cafe there was delicious. Not only we explored the museum, but also purchased tea sets and other stuff. They close at sharp 5 pm. Later we went to Pickford museum. It is quite an interesting building. The exhibitions going on to add to our experience. There is no admission charged there.

Places to visit

Next day we cycled at the Pennine Bridleway National Trail. Later had a wonderful brunch of local cuisine at Brown’s restaurant. We were marveling at the architecture of the building of St. Peter’s in the city. We also visited the Derby Cathedral which is in proximity to the main shopping area. It was very peaceful in the morning. The Derby Museum and Art gallery have a collection of amazing galleries in the upstairs segment. The works of Joseph Wright are very interesting. There is no admission fee, although you may donate if you wish. They have a casual eatery in the premises of the museum.

We watched Derby County at the Pride Park stadium. If you happen to visit ride Park and Ride Car Park, do have a walk to the sanctuary at its end. You can spot various species of birds like red wings, Goosander, kestrels, green woodpecker, finches, and Stonechat. There is a river path which heads to the Alvestonpark. It took us around 25 minutes to reach Alveston.

Our kids loved the visit to the Bluebell’s dairy. They have a play barn with corn pit, a cafe serving ice creams, tea and other food items, tractor toys and a hay mountain. The homemade ice cream was mouth watering. $5 per person food was available for adults in their tea rooms and at just $1 you can feed the animals in the Patch the staff was amicable.

Do try desserts and coffees at Darley’s – Restaurant and Terrace.

Ushuaia is the Adventure Hub Of Argentina

Ushuaia in Argentina is considered the southernmost city of the world. It is bounded by the Martial mountain range and the Beagle channel. This is an industrial port and adventure hub for tourists. Ushuaia offers winter sports, hiking and Antarctica cruises. The important places to visit includes

  • Museo Del Fin Del Mundo – know the historical story of Ushuaia

This museum offers exhibits showing the local history. The exhibits include photos of early penal colonies, photos of natives, stuffed birds, items for sailing and whaling and other replicas. A guided visit to the museum will provide additional information.

  • Martial Glacier – the awesome natural attraction

Martial glacier is located near the city center and it provides the most outstanding view of the glacier. This glacier is 1050 meters MSL. Glacier can be reached throughout the year. During summer months visitors can enjoy trekking and during winter time they can enjoy skiing. Chairlift facility is available for ascending and this provides the best view of the city.

  • Motonave Barracuda Sail – opt for the ship trips to see nature’s beauty

Ship trips are available at Ushuaia to enjoy the Beagle channel and to have a breathtaking view of mountains. You can see penguins and sea lions during the sail. 

  • Tierra Del Fuego National Park – enjoy the flora and fauna of Tierra Del Fuego Province

This is the first park established on shore in Argentina. It offers a spectacular view of the forests, mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers. The park is spread in 630 sq km. There are hiking trails for the adventurous and the park also offers biological diversity.

  • Cerro Castor – experience world class skiing

Cerro Castor is only 45 minutes travel from Ushuaia and is one of the well-known ski areas in Argentina. This skiing center has world class skiing facility with luxury cabins for accommodation and relaxation and seven restaurants to enjoy your food. You can opt for dog sledding at this place.

Find Out The Specialties In Seattle, Washington

The astonishing conversion in the largest city in Washington State, today Seattle has flourished economically. This city comprises of large innovations. Also, the rich culture cannot be ignored. People prefer easy-going lifestyles here. It is also known as the Coffee Capital of the USA as it has an espresso bar on every corner.


  • Seattle Center & the Space Needle


This spot was built in 1962 and now became entertainment complex and park area with a variety of theaters, sports opportunities and several restaurants. The place also consisted of musical adventures at Music Project, and impressive glass artworks at Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Address: 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109, USA.


  • Pioneer Square Historic District


This place is marked with 60-foot totem pole. The place offers Victorian-era buildings, with Smith Tower stands out imposing heights. There is also the observation deck on the 35th floor for the purpose of sightseeing.

Address: 310 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA.


  • Pike Place Market


The place offers a wide range of wares for sale. One can enjoy shopping Fish, vegetables, fruit, and other odds that tantalize the taste buds. You can also head towards the local restaurants for spellbound taste.  Seattle has amazing eateries and amazing coffee spots!

Address: 1st and Pike Streets, Seattle.


  • Hiram M Chittenden Locks


This is the busiest place of Seattle Center, which is also known as the Ballard Locks. It offers boat traffic which moves between the lakes and Puget Sound. Visitors can search for fish ladder where salmon challenge upstream. Seek the place because this view is hardly found in any other place on this planet. Moving this place is a superb idea for family.

Address: 3015 NW 54th Street, Seattle.


  • Volunteer Park


Volunteer Park consisted of a century-old conservatory with a huge variety of tropical trees and plants. Visitors can go through the simple attractions inside the park like walking trails, a variety of sports facilities, play area for children, and picnic grounds. The place also offers lush green space which focuses the Seattle Asian Art Museum where you will come across South Asian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian art, decorative arts, and textile galleries.

Address: 1247 15th Ave E, Seattle.