The Alps is the Hottest Tourist Destination In Europe

The Alps are the most extensive and highest mountain range system in Europe. It stretches approximately 1,200 kilometers across eight the Alpine. These beautiful and breathtaking mountain ranges were the results of millions of years of tectonic plates collision of Africa and Eurasia. These glorious mountain ranges offer plenty of outdoor activities to visitors as well as staggering panoramic views. The emerald Alpine lakes, villages and idyllic Alpine valleys also provide Swiss-quality facilities and service. Here are the few spots where you must visit, when you come to the Alps.


  • Bath Gastein


It is popular ski site and also known as spa center. The pools and baths use the fresh water coming from the hot springs, and it directly come from the mountains.


  • Graubünden


The canton is the best ski area in Switzerland. The place has the highest Alpine trails and it also offers the spectacular panoramic views. You can enjoy here a wide range of activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking. And if you want to relax, you can relax in Swiss spas or can take a scenic railway journey.


  • Maggiore


This is the second largest lake in Italy and it flows between the southern Alps in Lombardy and neighbors Switzerland. During summers, the Spirit of Woodstock Festival, which is an open air music celebration, take place on the shores. You can enjoy lots of outdoor activities all round.


  • Gran Paradiso National Park


This is a spectacular  park and it has got its name from the Gran Paradiso mountain. The national park is one of the hottest tourist destination as it has striking landscape, mountain lakes, valleys, alpine meadows and glaciers. And beside that, the park is the home for many endangered species. You can watch animals here.

This is not just in the Alps, the whole Alps is full of spots, which will rejuvenate you from within, once you come here.

What is SO Amazing About Munich!!!

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, which is German state and it is the third of the largest cities in Germany. Located by River Isar, it lies north of the Bavarian Alps. If you plan to visit German cities like Hamburg or Berlin, you need to include Munich on your list as well. Most people travel to this city for work purposes as it houses several business, innovation, technology and education centers. However, it also has a rich history and culture for which it is an attraction for visitors the world over. Known as an alpha world city, it is known to have a high standard of living as well.

The city’s name which means by the monks in German is because of the Benedictine order that ran a monastery here, which is now known as the old town of Munich; hence, this modern and industrial city has a significant religious and philosophical foundation as well. Also, the culture of the people of Bavaria can be found in many instances of the city. It is known to be home to several theatres, museums and universities. There are several exhibitions and architectural attractions as well as the Oktoberfest that is held here annually which attracts tourists from all over.

No matter what part of the year you come here, visit the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is a 19th century fairy tale castle located on a hilltop. It was originally built for King Ludwig II, which has several furnished rooms and architectural turrets worth seeing.

Another palace of the same king is the Linderhof Palace that is known for its opulent interiors that have rooms filled with chandeliers and mirrors.

When you are here, visit the Englischer Garten which is an urban park spanning 78 km. This park area was built in the 18th century. There are jogging and cycling trails here as well as a beer garden by a lake that is popular with all visitors.

Nymphenburg Palace is the next stop to see here of historical interest. There are baroque gardens here of symmetrical dimensions as well as a palace estate that has rococo interiors and coach display in a museum form.