Langley: What To Do And Where To Go?

Langley is mostly neglected as a farm country. However, it has a lot to offer than meet the eye. As a matter of fact, when I visited, it was hard to look back as soon as I dipped my feet in. There are several things that you can do. Take a quick look at the few things you to do when you are in Langley.

  • Drama

Looking for some theatrical excellence? There are many drama clubs such as the Bard in the Valley and Langley Players Drama Club. The latter one has been around since 1969. It is an absolute must for the people who love theatres.

  • Greater Vancouver Zoo

If you are visiting with family, you should surely visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It was astounded by the sheer variety of animals housed by the zoo. These are from all across the world and include hippos, lions, and also tigers.

  • Eagle Acres

Want pick fresh pumpkins? Yes, you heart it right. At Aldor Acres, you can go pumpkin picking. This is a farm that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you do not wish you pick fresh produce, take a stroll around the farm. There is also a petting zoo. The warm spirit left me yearning for more.

  • Adrenaline Rushing Fun

In case you are up for some adrenaline rush, go for go-karting or even jump on a trampoline at Extreme Air Park. These are great places to have some fun. I surely have an incredible time here.

  • Museums

Being a history enthusiast, I went on a tour to check out the museums and I have to say that there are quite a few of them. Fort Langley National Historic Site and Canadian Museum of Flight are great options for paying a visit.

This Costa Rican City Is A Wonder

The Cartago city is in Costa Rica which is near the Capital city, San Jose. I went to enjoy my vacation in Cartago city. I visited famous tourist places. The places include- The Costa Rica Technological Institute, City Museum, market central and Maria Auxilia Dora Church. I also visited the buildings namely San Luis Gonzaga High School which is the place where the first Supreme Court of Central America was formed. There are some places which conduct Cultural activities and the places were ‘Casa de la Cultural’, the ‘Casa de la Cultural’ and the building of the Costa Rica technological Institute.

If you are planning to visit the place, you must visit the tropical rainforests and mountain ranges which are near the Irazu and Turrialba Volcanoes.

The city is situated in such a location that there is almost constant temperature throughout the year, so, you can visit this place at any time of the year and expect the moderate temperature, and it fluctuates between 24-degrees to 27-degree C. The institute of technology Costa Rica is one of the reputable higher education institutions and an important engineering school of Central America.

The day you go to the Irazu Volcano, make sure you wear comfortable footwear. If you are nature lover then you would visit Volcano as there is really rich flora. At Pacuare river, you can enjoy white water rafting full day. You can spot different wildlife like birds, coatis, sloths, and frogs. At this place also, you can enjoy nature at its best, you can feel the isolation from your busy urban life and take in the fresh air and take in the feel of nature with a peaceful feeling, you will bring the relaxed, calm and peaceful you to the busy life. Plan a vacation for at least a week.