Sintra – The Enchanted City

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Sintra is a very beautiful and magical city. It is surrounded by the hills of Serra de Sintra, basically is shadowed by these pine-covered hills, giving you an extravagant feel about its beautiful palaces and mansions and the ruins of incredible ancient castles. I loved this fantastic tourist attraction for its fascinating historical buildings and enthralling architectures. Some of my experiences are listed.

The Palàcio Nacional De Sintra

This is one of Sintra’s oldest and gothic palaces I have ever been to. This palace boasts an extensive history and vividly painted exterior ceilings that were restored to how it used to look in the 1900s. I experienced very fascinating gardens and also the hidden tunnels that this palace holds. You might get to hear some very interesting stories about it; I’ve heard three different ones and all of them were really fascinating.

Nau Palatina

Apart from the feeling that you just entered a fairy tale of your dreams, the most welcoming and friendliest restaurant was my travel highlight, which was Nau Palatina. It offers a rich variety of Portuguese food cuisines famous around Europe. The owner’s creative tapas are the famous specialty here. You can find a small but tasty menu of tidbits, from cultural and local ingredients. The meals can come out to be a bit expensive, but it’s worth the price of it.

Pena Park

Pena Park is one of the most naturally maintained and popular park in the way between Lisbon and Sintra. I loved those natural trails and the secret caves there are. You can spot various huge trees and other plants. The park is surrounded by rippling mountains, thick dewy forests, and ferns. It is covered with exotic gardens and glittery palaces. It is one of the listed parks in UNESCO world heritage. The views of the blue Atlantic from the hills are splendid.