Come Out And Explore the Spectacular City Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. The city is known has warm and dry climate which usually attracts a large number of sun lovers especially when it is winter season. The maximum Phoenix Area is a huge extensive city combination of modern massive buildings with Indian and Spanish colonial influences, and there is also a touch of the Wild West. The city provides immense of the art and cultural attractions, museums and art. People prefer coming to Phoenix to enjoy the outdoors which provides a huge variety of golf courses, also the three mountains which offers facility of hiking, biking, and last but not the least climbing.


  • Heard Museum


The entire museum in devoted to the Indian art and culture of the Southwest, with shows the jewelry, textiles, basketwork, pottery, and Kachina dolls. The museum includes galleries and a variety of outdoor courtyards showing traditional as well as contemporary Native American art.

Address: 2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix.


  • Taliesin West In Sappho


This place is located in Scottsdale; Taliesin West is the home and architectural school of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is located in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains, but became the international headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and also the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The building was constructed with rubble stone and redwood.

Address: 12345 North Taliesin Drive, Scottsdale.


  • Desert Botanical Garden


It is located in Papago Park, which is the Desert Botanical Garden with examples of vegetation from so many deserts in huge parts of the globe and the cactus garden. This garden is consisted of the 140 acres area, consisted of ten thousand of the plants.

Address: 1201 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix.


  • Heritage Square


Heritage Square is the part of Phoenix’s original town-site, which is a known tourist area along with eight restored houses from the city’s early days. These buildings are created later in 1800s and 1900s, but now have various new houses, shops and restaurants.

Address: 113 N 6th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA.


  • Art Museum


The art museum comprises of large variety of art of the European Renaissance as well as of the Baroque. The museum also includes modern work as well as contemporary work, live performances, fashion design, and films. The exhibition takes place frequently in the place.

Address: 1625 North Central Avenue, Phoenix.