Experience Buffalo New York!

Buffalo is the city situated in the state of New York, and is the second largest one. It serves as a major gateway for commerce and travel for the Canada–United States border. It is located at 16 miles south of Niagara Falls, and on the eastern shore of Lake Erie.

The city is famous as “the City of Light” and offers a great set of attractions like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The nearby Niagara Falls, acts as a major plus point in the city to advance as a way of entertainment. A friend of mine, Brandon Johnson, who owns Southern Star Roofing in Charlotte NC, visited a few weeks back after his trip to New York City and told us that Buffalo was surprisingly more exciting than he thought.  There was more to do and the restaurants & local eateries were outstanding.

Some of the major places of attractions that are not to be missed are listed below:


  • Canalside


For the development, activity and revival the above site has become substantial. It is the heart of Buffalo. The location is served by alternative means of transport like public transit, intercity rail and several highways. It offers ice skating, Adirondack chairs and paddle boats.

Address:  44 Prime St, Pick up point.


  • Richardson Olmsted Campus


It is one of the most renowned structures in Buffalo and was designed by one of America’s premier architect, Henry Hobson Richardson, after whose name the building was named. It is a National historic landmark. It was finalized in the late 1800s.

Address: 444 Forest Ave, Buffalo, NY.


  • Fountain Plaza


Fountain Plaza is mainly a Buffalo metro rail station that serves as a beautiful attraction with a reflecting pool in the hot months and an ice skating rink in the cold ones. It offers some of the best eating places, live music, dancing and events in New York City.

Address: 580 Main St, Buffalo, NY.


  • Walter V. Davidson House


The beautiful residence is located in the Parkside East Historic District, close to Buffalo Zoo and many other attractions. It was constructed in 1908 for Walter V Davidson, an executive of the Larkin Company in Buffalo.  It is best familiarized for the cathedral shape of the living room and serene atmosphere.

Address: 57 Tillinghast Pl, Buffalo, NY.