Your Trip to London will be spectacular if you plan…

Everyone’s familiar with London but not everybody has had the chance to visit this festive city. When you’re out on a Europe tour, you simply cannot miss seeing the largest city of the UK. Along with the busy streets and work in constant motion, London is also home to a number of sightseeing spots and tourists attractions. A trip to London can make a memorable edition in your travel journal for sure.

Sights to See in London

London is huge – let’s get that straight first. If you’re planning on visiting the city, you’ll need a good number of weeks to enjoy the full tourist experience. Divided into a number of subareas and districts, London has several landmarks tourists are absolutely delighted to see.

At the top of our list is the London Eye. It’s a name you’ve probably heard before or even seen in pictures or on TV. The London Eye is the third largest observation wheel that sits on the southern bank of River Thames. The wheel offers spectacular panoramic views of the city.

The Buckingham Palace is another very busy tourists spot. We’ve all seen the Queen’s guards but the Palace is more than just them. The Palace is where the Queen of England lives and it is open for tourists during the summer season.

Other prominent landmarks that you need to add to your bucket lists are the Westminster Abbey, Marble Arch, the Piccadilly Circus, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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Stuff To Do in London

London also offers a variety of activities for tourists. You could choose to marvel art and history at the museums of London. Some of these include the British Museum, the National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Portrait Museum and more.

The Hyde Park is also a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Picnics are an everyday thing in the spacious, picturesque parks of London.

London also offers live music and skating for the public and are quite a hit with both the locals and the tourists.